Teeth Straightening


When it comes to teeth straightening, first thing that comes to your mind is braces !!! At Craigieburn Junction Dental, we straighten teeth with CLEAR ALIGNERS AND FASTBRACES. Clear aligners are comfortable , sightly and enamel friendly and are becoming increasingly popular especially among the teens as they are loving it because they can still smile confidently without the aligners being noticed considerably.

FASTBRACES ,on the other hand are a wonderful option to straighten you teeth safely ,reliably and appropriately in a very less time as compared to all other forms of orthodontic treatment.

If you think you or your child has crooked teeth, it should not be ignored. Crooked teeth not only look unsightly but they also give rise to many gum issues and bone around your teeth as they cannot be cleaned properly. Your oral health has a great impact on overall health  so it is really important to keep the teeth and gums healthy which is very hard if you do not have properly aligned teeth .It is always good to catch the ortho problems in kids because we can sometimes expand their jaw to adjust growing teeth and do early intervention. However there can be cases which cannot be handled with clear aligners or fastbraces, in which situation our dentist will refer you to an orthodontist.

At Craigieburn Junction Dental, we offer a very thorough discussion about your orthodontic treatment. We offer payment plans to help you achieve quality and affordable treatment. If you are thinking of straight teeth, beautiful and confident smile  CALL US TODAY AND BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH OUR DENTIST.