Root Canal Treatment

When does a tooth need RCT and what is involved in the procedure?

A tooth would need a RCT when it gets gets infected due to decay, gets traumatized or becomes dead. A patient would complain of excruciating pain in most of the cases . All painful teeth do not have to be extracted.


Root canal treatments are provided to save the infected tooth from being lost. Losing a tooth from infection can lead to compromise in the aesthetics and function of your teeth. By doing RCT, we tend to save your loss and restore the function and aesthetics at the same time by putting a dental crown on the RCT treated tooth.

It basically involves two or three appointments, where our dentist takes out the infected or the dead nerve, cleanses it from inside and the fill it. At Craigieburn Junction Dental, we use the most highly advanced techniques for RCT to ensure the quality of treatment and make it as comfortable as possible for the patient.

So if you are in pain and are afraid of Root canal treatment in case you need it, DO NOT WORRY.

Talk to our very friendly dentist today and she will be able to help you in the best possible way.