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What is periodontal therapy and how does it help?

Periodontal issues are the issues related to the bone surrounding your teeth. It starts as gum disease and if gums are not looked at timely by a professional, it may progress to periodontal disease and start affecting your bone in which case you may lose your tooth. It is of a great concern especially in people who are type 2 diabetic, have stroke or some other health issues.

As seen on an average,over half of adults over the age of thirty have some level of periodontal disease, from the mild form of gingivitis to advanced gum disease.

At Craigieburn Junction Dental, we take care care your teeth as well as your gums and bone around it. In the periodontal therapy, we do deep cleans to scrap off the bacteria from the roots surfaces. This can be done with or without lifting the gums depending upon the situation .

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