White Filling and Repairs

We offer our patients tooth coloured fillings which are strong and aesthetic.

Sometimes you would need fillings to repair cracks or to fix decays, whereas at other times, you might be concerned about the gaps between your teeth or aesthetics of your teeth . We would then offer you Direct or indirect veneers to fix the issues. Direct veneers is a chairside procedure and involves placement of tooth coloured fillings on your teeth to fix various issues.

The fillings can fix discolorations, fill holes in your smile due to missing teeth and cover many other dental flaws.

The procedure for fillings is usually simple. The dentist will first remove the decay , clean it and fill it. You can have multiple fillings done in one sitting.


Most of the times, if you have early decay, you will not be able to tell. So it is really important to keep up with your regular check ups. Sometimes if you think a tooth is sensitive to hot , cold or sweet stuff, you might then need a filling or a root canal treatment depending upon the damage to tooth. If a tooth is cracked but asymptomatic it is mostly fixed with fillings.

Talk to our team today for a check up and find out if you need any fillings.